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Thread: Noodle Time Daily and the scenario bonus:

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    After completing this quest chain: (which grants you all three of the Noodle Cart recipes), you also unlock two daily quests: and

    The scenario starts, and you are placed behind a cooking station. Once customers start coming in, all you have to do is click on one, and click on a green sphere behind one of the tables to seat them. After seating a customer, you feed them. Based on their naming convention, feeding them faster may give you more points, or feeding them twice may be necessary. Choosing the appropriate food will also give you more bonus points.

    • "Impatient" Customers should be fed as quickly as possible
    • "Hungry" Customers will have to be fed twice.
    • Customers without either of these titles before their name simply require being fed before their timer expires.

    Once customers are satisfied, they will automatically leave. If done properly, the entire scenario should only take about 4-5 minutes (you only have 6 minutes to achieve the bonus of 30,000 points). Completing the scenario will award an Ironpaw token, and completing the 30,000 points bonus within 6 minutes, will award another Ironpaw token.

    Action Bar:
    1: Noodle Soup (use these on Scholars, Impatient Scholars, and Hungry Scholars)
    2: Dragon's Nest Noodle Soup (use these on Merchants, Impatient Merchants, and Hungry Merchants)
    3: Pandaren Treasures Noodle Soup (use these on Farmhands, Impatient Farmhands, and Hungry Farmhands)
    4: Clears your customer que
    5: Clears the food off of your counter

    Click image for larger version. 

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